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Andrey Samarov is Broker of Record for the Martin H. Hochadel Agency.  Andrey is a New Jersey State Licensed Real Estate Broker and the Agency's Broker/Salesperson.  Andrey has developed an approach to business brokerage that demands a very high level of professionalism that is clearly reflected in his relationship with buyers and sellers alike. 

Broker of Record

Andrey Samarov, Broker/Salesperson

Andrey Samarov is a New Jersey State Licensed Real Estate Broker.  Andrey has held a New Jersey Real Estate license since 1986.  His primary areas of expertise include business brokerage and commercial real estate brokerage.  Andrey is fully active in the brokerage field, specializing in a broad scope of retail industry sectors, including service businesses, food stores, liquor businesses plus energy and fuel distribution centers all with the added benefit of being able to professionally deal with transactions involving commercial real estate properties as well.  Andrey's knowledge and expertise in the operational structure of numerous businesses has earned him the reputation of a highly rated professional, an honorable broker with sharp and effective marketing techniques as well as exemplary negotiation skills.

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